A review of the MONTA Oceanking's updated bracelet and in-depth detailed changes

The third generation MONTA Oceanking saw some major improvements over its predecessors: an entirely redesigned bezel assembly and insert, updated dial proportions, and a redesigned clasp. The bezel overhaul and dial tweaks are detailed in my comprehensive overview, but today we’ll take a closer look at the clasp.

MONTA Oceanking 2023 Bracelet

First and foremost, the Oceanking clasp is designed with diving in mind. If you don’t see yourself getting in scuba gear anytime soon, don’t worry: these features also enhance everyday wearability. 

Adjusting the MONTA clasp

The clasp features six points of microadjustment, making it effortless to find the right fit. And yes, this is toolless microadjustment. All you need to do is push the last link so it’s perpendicular to the clasp; you’ll hear a satisfying click when it’s ready to go. From there, you can slide it up or down the clasp to your desired length. Once it’s in the right position, push the link back down so it’s parallel to the clasp. Again, you’ll hear a nice click and you’re all set.

If you’re familiar with the second generation Oceanking, this functionality will feel right at home. MONTA developed this design almost six years ago now, and we’ve made a few adjustments to perfect it over time. For example, we added a ceramic ball bearing mechanism for the tooless adjustment system. This allows the user to find the location of the six location slots easier. The aesthetics of the clasp, however, have been completely rethought.

Oceanking Bracelet and Clasp

On the outer surface of the clasp, you’ll see vertically brushed finishing, including a MONTA emblem, congruent with the rest of the bracelet. This finishing is also consistent with the sides of the clasp. However, between those two surfaces is a polished chamfer, giving the Oceanking a touch of elegance whose subtlety matches the case and bracelet. On the inner surfaces of the opened clasp, full mirror polishing provides the wearer a luxurious fitting experience.

MONTA butterfly buckle

The tried-and-true MONTA clasp mechanics remain. The functionality — locking the clasp into the closing position, utilizing a flip lock for extra security — did not change. However, the radius angles of the butterfly pieces are amended from the previous generation of the Oceanking clasp. We made them rounder and, in turn, the clasp hugs your wrist much better. As always, comfort on the wrist is our highest priority.

This refreshed Oceanking clasp is a welcome addition to the new generation. We are expecting an on time delivery of the Oceanking model in mid-October! Soon our flagship divewatch will be arriving at your doorstep!

MONTA clasp and buckle for the Oceanking


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