MONTA watches are designed for an active lifestyle and require very little day-to-day maintenance.  Be sure to clean your watch and bracelet on a regular basis with a cloth or soapy water and a soft brush.  Every MONTA features a self-winding mechanism, but if the watch has stopped it will need to be manually wound by unscrewing the crown and turning it 20-30 times before setting the time and date.  Always screw the crown down to ensure the water resistance.  

When it comes time to service your MONTA we always suggest returning it to us.  Our in-house watchmaker is intimately familiar with every model, movement, dial, and handset and genuine MONTA parts are only available through our service center.  The proper service of your MONTA will ensure it lasts a lifetime.  Any unauthorized work carried out by a third party will void the warranty.  

Owner's Manual

Monta Watch Owner's Manual