As watch collectors and as a watch brand we always want to be transparent in what is happening here at MONTA. The popularity of our brand really escalated in the last few years, especially the Skyquest and the Oceanking models. Today, we are announcing that the Oceanking, in its current form, is coming to an end. 

We have decided to give this notice to you, our loyal fans and fellow collectors, so that you can take the necessary steps to acquire one of the last few that are available. We have a total of 26 pieces (as of this blog article publishing) in various references still available to purchase directly from us. At MONTA, we feel it is better to let you know before the end has happened. We also have a limited release to close the model in true MONTA fashion.

We have created seven unique pieces that have a MONTA blue dial and a black ceramic bezel. It is available for purchase and immediate delivery HERE.  This final variation was chosen based on demand for this dial color that was previously offered with a steel bezel.  Our brand color has been represented in many of our collections and we wanted to end this Oceanking model in similar fashion. 

You surely have questions about the future of the Oceanking. Are we planning on making it in the future? Is this the end of dive watches for MONTA? What would a new version look like? Hopefully, this breakdown helps:

We do plan to make a new version of the Oceanking, but….

  • The design has not been finalized. Excellent design cannot be rushed, and we do not rush anything here at MONTA.
  • The earliest announcement of a new model would be the end of 2022.
  • The demand has significantly outpaced supply and we do not plan to release more of the current design in the meantime. 
  • MONTA was built on sport watches like the Oceanking, and we will always have a dive watch in the collection.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but we have never rushed our designs, our  production nor our quality standards. We have chosen to keep the quality standards and design requirements, instead of choosing to lower them to meet the demand of the market. We will keep aiming higher in the pursuit of impressing you, our most important judge and client.

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