I still remember posting my first wrist shot to Instagram in 2014.  I was excited to take my hobby to the next level (little did I know!) and engage with the community.  Over seven years later I can say it has changed quite a bit, but the passion is still there.  Everyday someone new tags MONTA, comments on a post, asks a great question, or sends a thoughtful message.  Quite honestly it’s one of the best parts of my day. The watch community is one of the best in the world. 

monta watch owner instagram account

If you’re new to Instagram or interested in learning more about MONTA customer experiences and/or mechanical watches, here are a few great places to start:

1. MONTA watch owner: @watchonmywrist

monta watch instagram user account image

monta watch owner instagram account

2. MONTA watch owner: @tinkerwithtime

MONTA watch owner instagram account

3. MONTA watch owner @pacificnorthwestwatch

monta watch owners instagram account

monta watch owners instagram post

4. MONTA watch owner @timefliesby2020

MONTA watch owners instagram page

5. MONTA watch owner and Fan Club Founder @montawatchclub

 monta watch club instagram page

As an online-only brand, we are grateful for the folks in the social media community who vouch for our quality and attention to detail.  These aren’t paid “brand ambassadors” but rather real MONTA customers who just want to share the love and quality of our watch brand. Everyone on the list above owns at least one MONTA as well as other watches and they possess specific knowledge about their experiences. 

 monta watch club swag instagram post

I can confidently say that if you asked any of them a specific question they would be happy to respond with their thoughts.  Curious how the Noble fits on a larger wrist?  Just ask @watchonmywrist or @montawatchclub.  Wondering if that strap will look good on a Triumph?  Message @timefliesby2020 and he can tell you.  

While these five fine gentlemen are worthy of a follow, there are plenty more individuals out there, each with their own unique perspective.  Be sure to search for specific hashtags like #montawatch, #montawatches, and #montamondays, our weekly kick-off.  And if you’re ready to join in the fun please tag @montawatch on your post so we can repost and share them with the rest of our fans.

monta watch club instagram post showing everest portfolio for watches and strap

I’ll close by saying that some of the people I have met online have become genuine friends of mine that I now see once or twice per year when visiting New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, etc.  We communicate on a regular basis via text and email and our friendship transcends watches.  It is such a welcomed breath of fresh air.  The bottom line is: there are always people out there who share the same hobbies, thoughts, and ideas, and Instagram does a good job of connecting us to those people.  I’m here for it, and can't wait to see you there as well. 

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  • Thanks! Can’t wait to see what’s next, excited for it and let’s go!!

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