Four Great Strap Looks For Your MONTA Atlas

The MONTA bracelet is lauded as one of the best in the industry.  The combination of full links and half links along with our quick-adjust clasp means getting the perfect fit has never been easier.  But sometimes, even a bracelet lover like me wants to switch it up.  Whether it’s to preserve the amazing bracelet, prepare for a day of sport, or simply to make your MONTA unique, you can get the new watch look and feel by removing the steel and installing a wide array of options of straps.  Allow me to show you some of my favorites:
MONTA crown and buckle strap
CROWN & BUCKLE - chevron strap -

First, let’s look at the traditional strap option, the military-style/fabric/NATO strap.  No one does it better than Crown & Buckle, and their chevron strap (obsidian & harris colorway shown here) is a high quality nylon weave with precise sizing holes and a stitched tip.  My favorite aspect is the “single pass” style that barely adds any thickness to the watch, unlike traditional straps that raise the watch off your wrist due to a “double pass” style.  You can also size the strap to your wrist while keeping the buckle centered.  Equally important is the safety aspect...if a spring bar fails the other side will keep the watch attached to your wrist.  Crown & Buckle offers a litany of color options and styles.

monta on barton's bands
BARTON BANDS - elite silicone quick release -

Some of my watch enthusiast friends will cringe when they hear “silicone strap” but don’t turn your nose up on Barton Bands.  These are the best silicone straps on the market.  They feature an integrated quick-release spring bar and the strap has an elbow bend at just the right spot to help it contour around the wrist without any unsightly gaps.  The outside of the strap has a nice texture and each strap comes with two lengths for the 6 o’clock side making it easy to find a comfortable fit.  They offer a bunch of fun colors and even two-tone straps where the inside is a different color than the outside.  Go crazy, folks!

monta on erika's originals
ERIKA’s ORIGINALS - Black Ops MN™ strap -

I met Erika at the Wind Up Watch Fair a few years ago and picked up one of her straps.  I had seen them on Instagram and was curious how they worked.  Made from woven elastic nylon webbing and hand made by her and her staff, these straps take the military vibe to the next level.  They are very comfortable and once you get the hang of the latching mechanism it will become a staple in your strap rotation.  She offers several colorways each with a wide variety of stripe options, including one with lumed stitching that glows.  They ship from overseas so give yourself ample time for delivery.  


monta on everest bands

EVEREST BANDS - curved-end rubber -

It should come as no surprise that I had to include Everest on this list.  (If I was picking a clear winner it would be this strap). Not only do we utilize their technology on the MONTA straps, but I would not be writing this article without my experience running sales for Everest after quitting my finance career in 2016 (more on that here - link Baselworld article).  If you’re not familiar with Everest Bands, be sure to check them out, and if you own a Rolex, Tudor, or’re welcome!  

The curved-end nature of the Everest/MONTA straps allow them to hug the case for a perfect fit, literally, without splaying open on the wrist.  This provides a beautiful finish to the look of our sport watch collection.  Pro tip: if you choose the “ceramic submariner” on the Everest website, any of the tang buckle straps will fit the current MONTA collection perfectly.  So if you’re looking for a pop of color for your MONTA, you can pick up white, orange, or the red rubber pictured here.


As spring turns to summer, I always find myself swapping out the bracelet for a strap for a day at the pool/beach, a round of golf, or something to match my casual outfit.  And when you pack for your next trip and you’re agonizing over which watch(es) to bring, consider bringing one of these straps and a strap changing tool so you’ll be prepared to have fun and look the part!

* One material that was ignored in this article is leather. We have a great Swiss made leather line that you can purchase here for your MONTA!

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