It’s 2021.  And after everything we’ve all been through there is no reason you should need a tool to adjust your clasp by a few millimeters.  Enter the MONTA bracelet with quick-adjust clasp and half links; standard on every model in the MONTA collection.  As we like to say: “getting the perfect fit has never been easier!”  Let’s dig in……

Starting in 2016, we began a two-year process of designing and prototyping a quick-adjust mechanism that uses ceramic ball bearings for the second generation Oceanking that we launched in 2018.  It contained six slots with 10 millimeters of total adjustability.  It was met with such fanfare that we immediately began the design on a 3-slot clasp for the rest of the collection.  

Since we are never content to rest on our laurels, we further modified the clasp in 2020 to add two more ceramic ball bearings on the adjustable piece giving the wearer the ability to truly feel each satisfying notch of adjustment.  But this still wasn’t enough, so we designed a “half link.”  This provides three options for customization: full links, half links, and the quick-adjust clasp.  

Let’s dive deeper into the specific sizes and functionality: measuring from the center of each link screw (no collar pins here, folks!) the full link is 10 millimeters, the half link is 7 millimeters, and each slot on the clasp is 3 millimeters.  When adjusting the clasp, you simply pull the links away from the hood of the clasp to disengage the ceramic bearings.  On the Oceanking clasp you have six separate slots for adjustment, whereas on the Triumph, Noble, Atlas, and Skyquest you have three.  Once you determine the proper location for optimal comfort you latch the mechanism back into place and the ceramic bearings provide a satisfying audible click.  After a few experiments you will likely be able to adjust this clasp without removing the watch from your wrist.    

When sizing the bracelet for a customer, we focus on three key factors:

  1. The actual size of the wrist vs. the size of the bracelet.  Some of us like the bracelet a little loose while others prefer it snug.  There is no right or wrong each their own.
  2. What time of year and season we are in.  Right now in the summer, we want to size the bracelet so that the clasp is fully extended.  This gives the customer the ability to tighten the clasp as the weather cools and their wrist inevitably shrinks even the tiniest amount in the colder temperatures.
  3. The ideal fit also ensures the clasp is centered on the back of the wrist.  We can make small adjustments by adding/removing half links until the perfect balance is achieved. 

Not only is the MONTA bracelet easy to adjust, but it is insanely comfortable too.  Each link fully articulates upon itself with two hinge points.  This allows the bracelet to wrap comfortably around any wrist size.  The solid end links are designed to drop straight down off the case and eliminate any unsightly gaps between the top of the wrist and the back of the case.  Bringing all these concepts together makes the 316L steel feel “soft”.  The MONTA bracelet was designed with utility and comfort in mind, for wearing on the daily.  You may never need a spring bar tool again.

Monta Bracelet


  • I really enjoy this feature on my watch. Outdoor recreation here in Utah can span many thousands of feet of elevation and tens of degrees in a single day. As the heat swells my hands up, a simple five-second adjustment keeps my Oceanking comfortable on my wrist. I wish I could say the same for my leather gloves!

    Dharma Bellamkonda
  • Guys. I value comfort above all when it comes to watches. The Monta bracelet lives up to all expectations. It is, by all means, a perfect bracelet. Female end links. Full articulation with every link. Looks good. Toolless micro adjust. It is amazingly comfortable. I thought the tooless micro adjust was an important part of the bracelet. Honestly, it’s not even that big of a deal because the bracelet is so comfortable. It also comes with two half links so it is easy getting the perfect fit. Monta did it right and this bracelet is almost as comfy as my NATO or elastic.

    David Nguyen
  • I love my Monta bracelet. It really is the most comfortable bracelet I have owned. However there has been a fair amount of criticism about the length of the clasp. Could you discuss why you chose the length you did? I think that would be interesting.

    Mike Carpenter
  • What about the large size of the clasp itself? Can it be shorter for future generations?
    It feels like the clasp is 90% of my hand width…

    Toma Popescu

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