We love New York.  And We love watches.  Lucky for the team at MONTA, Christmas comes early every year at the Wind Up Watch Fair at Chelsea Market in New York City.  Worn & Wound does a fantastic job of creating the optimal environment for brand owners like MONTA and watch enthusiasts like you to meet and talk watches.  

If you’re in the New York area this weekend (October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th) be sure to stop by!


This will be MONTA’s fourth year exhibiting at the show and after missing last year due to the pandemic we are quite sure that everyone will make up for lost time.  Not only will we have the entire collection on display, but you can purchase your MONTA directly from the founder of MONTA too.  If you have never gone hands-on with a MONTA this is the perfect opportunity!  While we do our best to post great pictures and videos of the quality and attention to detail, there is nothing like seeing the watches in the metal.  When you can see the light catch the beveled hands, turn the crowns, feel the articulating links, and utilize the quick-adjust clasp, the full experience of MONTA quality is realized.  

Since it’s New York, there is plenty to do before and after the show, whether it’s dinner and drinks, a museum tour, or general sight-seeing.  If you’re free that weekend and transportation is attainable we can’t recommend it enough.  Worst case scenario: you’ll walk away a better informed watch enthusiast and have a blast with some new friends.  Best case?  You’ll finally have that MONTA you’ve always wanted on your wrist and my autograph on your box.  It’s your call. 

The watches are certainly the main focus, but let’s not forget about the people.  With the last eighteen months being such a frustrating time for all of us, it will be a festive moment not just for MONTA but for the entire watch community. We look forward to seeing you there and hopefully you can make it to the first US watch event in almost two years!

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