Limited Release of a Pink and Pastel Turqouise Blue Noble

We get it. The first thing you are going to say is “Now MONTA is coming out with a candy colored dial, too?!?” However, this has been coming for a very long time - way before the big boys even had the inkling of these colorways.

We are going to start at the beginning, with Barbara, Danielle, Emery, Gabriella, Kate, Sherrill, Suzanne, Sydney and Theresa. These women are so incredible in every way. They are our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. These women support us every step of the way. They love us no matter how hard we fail or how much success we have. They have our backs and give us strength to get through anything. They do not get the spotlight. They do not get headlines. However they are such an important part of MONTA. These two limited designs were and are for them. 

Covid was tough on all of us. It was a dark period in our lives and it feels like we are a little broken right now. We all need a new direction. We need a renaissance. The team here at MONTA almost failed during this period. What many did not see was the issues that we experienced such as no sales during the month of March 2020. The incredible frustrations with manufacturing, and sourcing from the teams of artisans and machinists in Switzerland that were on lock down. MONTA just like countless businesses had some pretty dark days. Who was there to pick us up? These women. 

Yes, our customers helped like you cannot imagine, however without these women we would not be here. They are the foundation of our brand. 

When we were starting to see that we were going to get over that mess (right around May/June), the team here wanted to do a special watch that was going to only be for them. It was never going to see the light of day to the general public. We talked about different color options and pink became a very clear choice. This writer’s daughter loves pink. She sleeps in a pink bed with a pink pillow and pink sheets that sits next to a pink rug. She wears pink every day and she sees the world through pink glasses. My wife has fallen back in love with this color because of her. It is the most beautiful thing to see these two together. So we found a pink that would fit any age and would be timeless. 

We had seen pastel blues coming down the design road for years. The color blue is derived from so many experiences and is our company's signature color. I wanted to have a blue watch that would connect my wife and Justin’s wife. They both have very similar interior design inspirations. A pastel blue was used on inside squares of the coffered ceiling in the first house I shared with my wife, which was based off a train station’s coffered ceiling in France that we had walked through on our honeymoon in 2008. Justin and I were together when he bought a blue purse from a famed luggage maker from Paris, back in 2016 for his wife. Justin and his wife use blue throughout their home on the walls, and in the accents all over their house from the top to the bottom. One particular image that I think is so beautiful is an image on Justin’s wife's social media of their daughter, during the spring of 2016 looking so beautiful in a turquoise matching long sleeved shirt and puffy vest. She looks adorable. A softer blue was required for this collection to be complete.

Although these watches were inspired by the women in our lives, and meant to celebrate them, they are certainly not just “ladies” watches. They are most definitely unisex watches, and as we all know, real men wear pink. Ironically I am wearing a pink polo right now while writing this. We have already had several verbal confirmations from men that they will indeed be purchasing the pink dial for themselves, and the blue for their wives. As far as the case size, these colorways will be available in the same size as our current Noble line, 38.5mm, which is the perfect size for all wrists.

Now that you know the why behind these two color choices, here is what we have planned for you to share in our celebration of these wonderful people. We have decided to make a total of one hundred nobles, fifty with a pink dial and fifty with a pastel blue dial. It has taken us more than a year to nail the colors and in the next few weeks we will have fully assembled prototypes for you to see. We should have them by late August/early September in your hands. Instead of it being a normal free for all pre-order we have decided to do something different. If you want one of these very special watches, you will need to email us at We will create a special product page that only you and those on this email list will have access to. This way you are guaranteed access to this collection. The last time we had a pre-order we sold out in sixteen minutes and have been bombarded with very sad emails from our most cherished fans. We are hoping to avoid this from happening again. 

We have been excited for other releases that we have done, but nothing is going to make us prouder when we give these watches to our loved ones. The people who have supported us through the thick and the thin. We hope that you can enjoy one of these watches with those that have supported you through it all. 

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