MONTA goes to Watches & Wonders 2023

For the first time in four years I am genuinely excited about announcement season in the watch industry!  Today we are flying to Geneva, Switzerland for Watches & Wonders and I have so many positive emotions and good memories swirling around my head.  Allow me to explain…


Back in 2019 we exhibited at the final Baselworld show (you can read about that here:  This was the annual industry extravaganza where all the brands announced their newest creations.  That year we debuted the Atlas as well as a time-only variation of the 2nd generation Oceanking.  For all intents and purposes the Watches & Wonders show has replaced Baselworld and for now it’s only the “big” brands that exhibit.  So a large part of my excitement is knowing that this weekend I get to stroll the big halls and just be a watch enthusiast.  Not a brand owner, salesperson, or influencer, but a genuine and passionate collector who looks forward to seeing the new watches and some old friends in the process.  

Watches & Wonders


We will also stop by the Time To Watch show as well as the Beau Rivage Hotel where a few other brands will be exhibiting in the lobby.  By the end of this trip we will make our decision of where we want to exhibit in 2024.  If you’re in Geneva and want to grab coffee or a cocktail, be sure to send us a message on Instagram or email and we’ll see if we can meet up.  If enough of you are in town we’ll host a cocktail party.  Drinks on MONTA!


Once the show wraps up we have a busy week meeting with our manufacturers.  First up is finalizing the third generation Oceanking prototype!  It’s been over a year since it was announced and we’re almost at the finish line.  We will share full details as soon as we can.  Next, we’re going to spend a day with our dial manufacturer and plan a long list of prototype ideas.  That will be a VERY fun meeting.  Then, we will oversee the final production of the limited edition opalin Skyquest which will begin shipping in 2-3 weeks.  Finally, we’re shooting a marketing video and updating our inventory counts at our assembly company.  

If all of this wasn’t enough excitement, we get to sprinkle in some good food and drink.  Yes, it’s work, but somebody has to do it!

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