The Best Ways to Travel with Your MONTA

Regardless of whether you take a single backup watch when you travel or enjoy bringing your entire collection along for the journey, you are going to want to find some way of transporting your timepieces that will protect them from harm while you make it to your next destination.

Tossing all of your watches into the bottom of your bag is a recipe for damage, and stuffing them into various pockets and articles of clothing only makes it harder to keep track of everything if you have a busy itinerary. Only bringing one watch with you whenever you travel is always an option, but sometimes the perfect timepiece for a day of snorkeling and mountain biking simply isn’t what you want on your wrist at the end of the day when you go out to eat dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Leather Watch Roll MONTA

Additionally, sometimes you may even acquire another timepiece in your travels and end up returning home with more watches than when you first departed. That is exactly what happened to me last weekend when I attended Windup San Francisco. I had planned on only wearing one watch the entire time while I was there; however, after being given another, I suddenly found myself regretting that I didn’t bring some type of pouch or watch roll that I could use for the return trip home.

Whether you are just going out of town for a quick business trip or leaving the country for an extended vacation, here are some of the best ways to travel with your MONTA.

MONTA Leather Watch Roll

MONTA Leather Watch Roll

Our top recommendation is obviously our very own MONTA leather watch roll. Created in collaboration with the design team at Everest Horology Products, our handcrafted leather watch roll features spaces for two timepieces and it makes the perfect travel companion for bringing your MONTA watches with you on the road.

Hand-crafted using naturally tanned calf leather from Northern Italy with edges classically finished in a French style, the MONTA watch roll features two removable pillows to suspend your watches inside the case, with an extra-soft interior lining for maximum protection against marks and scratches. Additionally, the luxurious leather exterior is finished in MONTA’s signature shade of blue so that you can stay perfectly coordinated with your favorite independent watch company. 

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Single Watch Travel Pouch

Single Watch Travel Pouch

For all of the trips where you just want to bring one extra timepiece with you, a simple but well-constructed watch pouch is often the easiest and most space-efficient method of protecting your timepiece during transit. MONTA occasionally offers this style of travel pouch as a giveaway item, but the version I personally use is a green leather one that I picked up from Everest Horology Products. 

You can sometimes find single watch travel pouches at incredibly reasonable prices, but I would advise against using one of the super cheap options. Many of the more budget-friendly offerings either lack an internal divider that prevents the bracelet from scratching the case of the watch, or they may simply not be made of a sturdy enough material to offer any significant protection against bumps and scratches. Given how little space a single watch pouch occupies in your bag, it makes sense to keep a spare in your travel kit if you ever think that there’s a chance you might buy a new watch on your trip. 

Everest Leather 3 Watch Wallet 

Everest Leather 3 Watch Wallet

Having a decent watch roll or transportation case becomes increasingly more important if you plan on bringing more than one or two watches with you when you travel. Not only is it crucial to make sure that your watches don’t bump or scrape against each other, but it's also important to find something that offers a decent level of protection without being too bulky or talking up too much space in your suitcase. The leather 3 watch wallet made by Everest Horology Products checks both of these boxes, offering ample protection for your timepieces, while still remaining sleek and compact enough to fit into a briefcase or your carry-on luggage. 

Constructed of full-grain Nappa leather from Italy and lined with a soft Swiss-made microfiber material, the Everest 3 watch wallet features a unique design consisting of three built-in pouches, each with a flexible insert to prevent your watches from scratching against themselves during transit. A multi-snap closure ensures that everything stays secure, while simultaneously creating a slender, wallet-like profile. Everest's leather 3 watch wallet expands upon the design of the single-watch travel cases that Rolex boutiques would occasionally give to select customers, and it makes the perfect multi-watch travel solution that can effortlessly fit into any backpack, handbag, or hotel safe. 

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MONTA Single Watch Travel Pouch

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