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As an online-only brand, we rely heavily on reviews both from customers and the broad enthusiast community to convey our quality and attention to detail to those who have not had the opportunity to hold a MONTA in their hands or on their wrist.  Maybe the best place to gain this insight is on YouTube.  Today we are sharing a few YouTube video reviews and we encourage you to search for the many others available for your favorite MONTA model.  Enjoy!


RANDOM ROB was one of the first people to go hands-on with the Atlas GMT after we released it in 2019. He has passionately followed the brand and has countless videos about all of our models. 


Quite often the reviewer is so impressed with the watch that they order one for themselves!  That was the case with Ricardo at Watch With Us Channel and the Opalin Silver Noble. Wild as it sounds many reviewers receive free watches from watch brands, however MONTA has a strict "no free watch policy." So we are honored by the fact that countless YouTubers have purchased our watches for their own Collection.


The Watch Clicker is a pro behind the camera and he really let the Skyquest shine in this review! His skills behind the camera can either help or hurt a watch brand. In MONTA's case due to our focus on quality, his videos accentuate our detailed manufacturing.

Thanks again to our readers and watch collectors. We hope these videos help you better understand what MONTA is really about. We have enjoyed the last few years as the brand has continued to develop from our original vision. Even though we have been gaining accolades in the watch world, it still shocks us each time we see the MONTA collections on the big or small screen of YouTube! Maybe you'll be the next one to do a review.


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  • Thanks, guys. The watch is really great and could be the cornerstone of any brand.

    Ricardo Sime

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