Britt Pearce aka Watch.Gringa goes hands on with the MONTA Atlas


Watch enthusiasts have countless resources at their fingertips for discovering and learning about new watch brands.  Whether it's a blog, social media, or group text, everyone has an opinion.  YouTube, on the other hand, takes this to another level as you can combine video with candid reviews.  One Instagram account that we have loved for years has started her own YouTube account:  "Watch Gringa" aka Britt Pearce. Recently, we were thrilled when she mentioned her desire to go hands-on with an Atlas.  So we immediately reached out and shipped one off to her for review.  Now, we never give out free watches and rarely do sponsored content, so we were happy to learn that Britt simply wanted to experience a MONTA in the metal with no strings attached.  We agreed to send the watch and pay for the return and give her complete freedom to say what she wanted about the charcoal Atlas.  Be sure to watch her unbiased review!

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