Monta Watches


The visionary spirits of MONTA

Michael DiMartini - St. Louis, USA

Michael felt in the deepest part of his soul that he wanted to take his experiences and create a renaissance of amazing watches from the past. From the beginnning, Michael has managed the design and development teams of Everest Horology and MONTA. Years of enthusiasm, design and hands on production management in the watch industry have given him the forethought to create a line of modern tool watches. Thus, the journey of MONTA begins here with Michael and his incredible desire to showcase that beauty can come from function.

David Barnes - St. Louis, USA

David has an eye for excellence and precision in the watch industry. From his youth to present day, he has focused his abilities on expanding his watch knowledge and brings years of experience to the table. David leads Everest Horology as the head of business development, bringing honesty and integrity to MONTA’s sales team.

Eric Alban - Biel, Switzerland

Eric’s focus has always been rooted in horology which derives from his passion of classic Swiss and French watch designs. Eric's past work includes countless concepts and designs for Zenith Watches SA and being the head designer at CODEX Watches. With his obsession for classic styling and modern technologies, Eric was an obvious choice for the design team at MONTA.

Mikael Bourgeois - Morteau, France

Following a higher education in microtechnology, Mikael Bourgeois has worked with over 70 luxury watch brands based in Switzerland. Additionally, he has made countless custom timepieces by hand with his design and technical engineering talents. His expertise in haute horology has led him to be a cornerstone in the technical design team of MONTA.

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