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MONTA History and Inspiration

noun. mon•ta /m ŏ n t a /

MONTA began with the fascination of a child and his pure view of what beauty is. In 1984, Michael DiMartini laid eyes on a two-tone Datejust for the first time. His mother gave it to his father for becoming a physician. She wanted to gift him with something that would last forever because she was so proud of his personal achievement. In Michael’s eyes, the watch was so impressive - the technology, the beauty, the heritage, the quality, and the fact that it was automatic and utilized the movement to wind itself. This single moment in time caused Michael to start on his journey of being a watch enthusiast where he eventually expanded to manufacturing some of the best watch straps in the world with Everest Bands.

In 2015, Michael and David Barnes (Michael’s partner in Everest Horology) traveled to Switzerland to attend Baselworld for the first time. They were disappointed to discover there was something missing in the watch world. Nothing exemplified Michael’s early passion except vintage watches from years ago. They realized then that history in traditional tool watches had been forgotten and the quality of the watch industry had degraded as time progressed.

The founders of Everest Horology Products wanted to develop something that took historic, classic beauty and mix it with accelerated technology to go beyond what is currently produced but, make it worth more than its financial price. Thus, a two year journey of the creation of MONTA and its first watch began. MONTA aims to follow the past where originally farmers, the first Swiss watchmakers wanted to create something valuable, lasting and precise.

MONTA aims to finalize the path to design and create a personal and lasting tool watch series that gives individuals the ability to reconnect with history, purity and beauty. MONTA has released its first ever Swiss-made tool watches: the OCEANKING & the TRIUMPH


During the mid-century of the 1900s, explorations exploded - technological advancements of the 20th century allowed individuals to dive to the depths of the ocean, fly transcontinentally, and climb summit heights. Subsequently, the tool watch was born. Tool watches do more than just tell time; they have specific functions based on the need and application of safely explore limits while withstanding the elements.


The Oceanking is a recasted tribute to the dive watches released in the 1950s. Multiple classic dive watches made their debut at this time. The MONTA Oceanking retains that provenance. These watches did not simply tell time but were made for great adventures, high-reaching achievements and deep explorations.

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