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MONTA is the brainchild of Everest Horology Products. Everest Horology Products develops only products of the highest quality and answers the need of the watch community. The incredible resources behind MONTA include a design and engineering team from around the world. MONTA is able to achieve its goal to develop perfect timepieces by incorporating a team of Swiss, French and American designers with the combined experience of a century in watch making. Both the phenomenal MONTA design team and feedback from the watch community has resulted in MONTA’s inaugural watch, the Oceanking - now available.


Quality is the cornerstone of MONTA watches. When it comes to precision and refinement of technology, MONTA looked to only the best. For example, the MONTA Oceanking’s watch hands are Swiss-made, diamond-cut and beveled out of Rhodium. The expertise of this is only available from a select few Swiss manufacturers. From the most miniscule part to the assembly to the testing, MONTA will only use the proven best. Additionally, two patents were filed for the creation of the MONTA Oceanking, which showcase its unique, industry-first design achievements, rare in the watch industry today.


In 1942, Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented lighter, safer diving equipment - the aqualung. This open-circuit breathing apparatus accelerated diving as a recreation allowing diving equipment to be more readily available and popular. Thirteen years later, debuting at Baselworld, a very select few watch brands finally caught up with this technology and released dive watches with innovative characteristics. Now, over 60 years later, these watches have stood the test of time and set the standard for today’s dive timepieces. MONTA has taken the baton of this period in watch advancements and created a new standard.


Beginning with pocket watches, Eterna has revolutionized automatic movements over the past 150 years. One major milestone in Eterna’s history is the creation of the Eterna Spherodrive ball-bearing mounted barrel rotor system. This system set unattainable standards in prolongation and quality in mechanical movements. MONTA chose the Eterna 3909A for its incredibly robust advances in hairspring, barrel and other horological technologies. MONTA’s requirement for a precise watch movement far exceeds that of a common Swiss Chronometer. With the Eterna 3909A caliber, MONTA’s expectations were achieved and surpassed.

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