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Precise execution of the most minute details is what separates our watches from the competition. A close look will reveal high-polished and beveled Swiss-made sword hands, light-catching applied markers, and a gorgeous semi-matte dial. At various lighting and angles, the Oceanking will impress its owner, over and over again.

Every element of the Oceanking is put through vigorous testing and inspections, far beyond other watches at its pricepoint. During final testing and inspection by our assembler, every single part of each Oceanking must meet or exceede our strict tolerances -- without any failed parts. Our continuous quality checking and attention to detail throughout the prototyping process brought the concept of a superlative timepiece to life.

Not satisfied with what the market had to offer, we went ahead and developed our own two-patent bezel construction. Where the competition uses adhesives to attach a ceramic insert to the bezel ring, MONTA designed a 12 piece bezel, fitted together with just compression and a single pin. The end result leaves practically no “play” in the bezel action, and the counterclockwise click hits the “Goldilocks principle” right on its head -- it’s just right.

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