4 Great Strap Options for the MONTA Noble

Best Watch Strap Options MONTA Noble

The MONTA Noble is easily the most dressy model in our lineup. However, with a screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, and 150 meters (500 feet) of water resistance, it is also a proper sports watch that is more than tough enough to stand up to whatever situations you might encounter, from the beach to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

One of the best things about having a classy looking timepiece with serious sports watch capabilities is that a quick strap change can instantly transform its appearance, turning an elegant dress watch into a function-forward sports model within just a few seconds. To give you some inspiration on a few different ways to wear your watch, here are 4 great strap options for the MONTA Noble. 

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MONTA Stainless Steel Bracelet 

MONTA Noble Best Strap - Stainless Steel Bracelet

The first and most obvious way of wearing your MONTA Noble is to simply keep it on its original stainless steel bracelet. We pride ourselves on having one of the best bracelets in the business, and its refined design and durable construction make it capable of effortlessly fitting in with your environment, regardless of whether that is an evening gala or a poolside cabana.

The quick-adjust clasp with three slots of micro-adjustment makes it easy to instantly expand or contract your MONTA bracelet as your wrist fluctuates in size throughout the day, and its solid end-links are designed to end right at the edge of the lugs for maximum comfort and a smooth appearance. With that in mind, one of the most intriguing things about the MONTA bracelet has to do with the way that the links themselves articulate. Each individual link can bend at two different hinge points, allowing it to fluidly conform to the unique shape of your wrist. Additionally, since the MONTA bracelet is made from 316L stainless steel, it’s completely waterproof, easy to clean, and incredibly durable.

MONTA Curved End Leather Strap

MONTA Noble Best Strap - Curved End Leather

Leather straps are often the de facto choice for pairing watches with formal attire, and swapping out your MONTA Noble’s bracelet for a high-quality leather strap can instantly transform it into a timepiece that can effortlessly exist within even the most formal of settings. At its core, the MONTA Noble is not a dress watch. However, with graceful case proportions, a mirror-polished bezel, diamond-cut hands, and brilliant applied indices, a leather strap is the only missing ingredient needed for a refined and elegant timepiece that perfectly compliments a well-tailored suit.

Given that the MONTA Noble features  conventional lugs and uses standard spring-bars, it can be fitted to almost any traditional 20mm strap. However, our top pick when it comes to premium leather options would naturally be one of our very own, Swiss-made MONTA curved-end leather straps. Available in four different colors to match all of your different belts and shoes (Tan, Chestnut, Chocolate, and Black), our premium leather straps are specifically designed to fit the case of your MONTA Noble to create a completely integrated appearance. Additionally, as our straps are crafted from vegetable-tanned leather and feature a hypoallergenic lining, they are extremely comfortable to wear and naturally conform to the shape of your wrist.

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Everest Rubber Strap

MONTA Noble Best Strap - Everest Rubber Strap

When it comes to wearing your MONTA Noble as a proper sports watch, a rubber strap is often the ideal wrist-attachment option. As a material, rubber is perfectly suited for active and rigorous use because it is lightweight, flexible, and completely waterproof. Additionally, unlike fabric or canvas straps, rubber will not absorb moisture or odors, and it is hardly a coincidence that the majority of dive computers and fitness trackers produced these days are fitted with rubber straps.

When it comes to rubber watch straps for your MONTA Noble, our number one recommendation is the Everest curved end rubber strap. It’s hardly a secret that we’re huge fans of Everest’s products and we even use their technology in our own MONTA leather straps. Everest is famous for producing watch straps that have a completely integrated appearance, and since the Everest ceramic Submariner straps fit the current MONTA collection perfectly, you get access to that exact same custom-tailored fit. Additionally, since Everest makes some of the highest-quality rubber straps in the business, you get the same legendary quality that countless Rolex owners all around the world deem worthy of attaching to their timepieces that are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Single-Piece Nylon Strap

MONTA Noble Best Strap - Nylon Single Piece

For both casual occasions and rigorous activities where there is the potential of having your watch caught on something and ripped from your wrist, a single piece pass-through style nylon strap is a great way of wearing your MONTA Noble. This basic yet functional style of watch strap exists in a number of different forms (NATO, RAF, Zulu, etc.), but the same core concept remains the same. All of them consist of a single piece of nylon fabric that passes through both sets of spring-bars in the underside of the watch, meaning that if one of the spring-bars happens to break, the watch will still be attached to your wrist by the strap itself and the remaining spring-bar.

When it comes to finding a single-piece nylon strap for your MONTA Noble, there exists an incredibly wide range of prices, and while some can be purchased for less than ten bucks, others cost several hundred dollars. With that in mind, a budget of around $20-$50 is all that is required to get yourself a high-end nylon strap, and since any 20mm option will work perfectly with your MONTA Noble, you can focus on finding the right color, style, and pattern that will perfectly blend with your individual lifestyle. Lastly, since nylon straps are often quite affordable, you can buy multiple straps in different colors to match your favorite sports team, holiday, or even just your mood that day. 

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